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Mallory Hepburn (née Cerelia Lilac) was born in North Bay, Ontario, on March 25, 1980. Her childhood was unstable as an understatement. Her parents separated (then divorced) shortly after she turned seven years old... she became victim to her sister's cruelty, her father and stepmother were also abusive and explosive. She was neglected by her mother. Mallory was sexualized and was the receiving end of cruel jokes by adult male relatives of her step-families. She devolved trauma responses to cope with her unstable surroundings. Mallory lived in a maladaptive world in her mind; it was protective in some circumstances but it poisoned her illusions in her social life. Mallory was still disillusioned until her "bubble" popped in October 2021. In April 2022, she was hospitalized then diagnosed with chronic depression, c-PTSD, and Borderline Personality Disorder.

Mallory is often praised and reminded that she is resilient, strong, and brave that she keeps seeking purpose in life. She is open and honest about her journey with chronic illness and her mental health struggles. She hopes that her voice is being shared so that someone who is struggling knows, understands, that there are others that share your sorrow and pain. She is speaking out against childhood abuse and trauma can help others stop the cycles.

Mallory has diplomas from Canadore College for Office Administration (Class of 2021) and Indigenous Wellness & Addiction Prevention (Class of 2022). She also earned her certification as a Fibromyalgia Advisor with IFCI in 2020 - she is currently in the process of recertifying for this year. In 2023/24, she took courses at Western University; fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a writer.

She attempted blogging in 2010, Mamaí of three, but it was short-lived due to her abusive sister's view and words given about her blog. A more successful endeavor was a blog Mallory kept as a Girl Guide leader. That blog ran from 2013 through 2017, with a successful following on Instagram and Pinterest. For Mallory, third time is the charm! In 2018, after receiving her Fibromyalgia diagnosis, she decided to start blogging again. This blog has evolved a few times in the five years of it's existence and Mallory has found her niche.

The title translates to Martine and the Hot-Air Balloon

Mallory en montgolfière is an homage to one of her favorite childhood book series, Martine. She has been intrigued by symbolisms since her teenage years. Imagine the symbolism of the hot air balloon; navigating life with chronic illness while on a healing journey. In her findings she shares that the hot air balloon's journey can be unpredictable because we cannot control the winds & if we struggle again the wind we end up using our energy in wasteful way.

When we allow ourself to surrender to the wind we may notice the things around us in a different way.


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May 6, 20242 min
Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia
I was diagnosed in November 2018 - - I didn't know what Fibromyalgia was until November 2017 when I googled my symptoms at my ACL forum...

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Mallory's semicolon butterfly
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May 4, 20241 min
Mallory en montgolfière
Mallory en montgolfière is an homage to my favorite childhood book series, Martine. I love the symbolism of the hot air balloon and I...

May 3, 20241 min
Fibromyalgia Study
During my fall semester (2021), I conducted a Fibromyalgia survey for my Evaluating Information course. I utilized my connections with...

May 2, 20241 min
"I have Fibromyalgia. Thank you for being considerate."
I wear this lapel pin often. I first purchased it when I started college in 2019. I had fallen down the stairs at home twice and fell...

May 1, 20241 min
Fibromyalgia Sucks
Not going to sugar coat my experience and my thoughts on Fibromyalgia (FM). I was diagnosed in November 2018 and received confirmation,...

Apr 30, 20241 min
May is Fibromyalgia Awareness Month
Everyday, I will be sharing a piece of my Fibromyalgia story on Facebook. I will be posting blog posts to accompany each post.

Mar 30, 20241 min
Courage Tarot
For my birthday, I was gifted a tattoo session with Erica. It was my fourth session with her and it was my third Sailor Moon inspired...

Feb 27, 20242 min
Not Heather
First day with my new name at my GP's office - - - and I was called Heather. That was a surprise and sparked anxiety about my first...

Feb 16, 20243 min
Three Goals for 2024
Earlie this month, I was emailed a lovely list of writing prompts from Lee of Fibro Blogger Directory. I wanted to write about my goals...