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Creative Blog - Struggles

It seems like I'm writing all the time and yet never writing what I need to write. I've been writing blog posts for my personal blog - - - adding my creativity for writers and my creative blog content in the mix for my blog. I love the look of my blog's preview images. I am distinctly seeing the difference in my content and my school work. It's visually appeasing for me. I am extremely happy that since the new year,  I have published over 20 posts. This has been the most productive I've been since I began blogging.

I found in the past few days, if I'm not writing, I am a wreck. I have been terribly depressed for nearly a week. On Wednesday, I was going to various businesses and government agencies to get my legal name changed on my id, my health card, my bank, and my library. After my encounter at Service Ontario. I felt defeated again and had a meltdown in the car on my way home. I forgot how sensitive I am about my name Cerelia. I go by Mallory in my day-to-day encounters. It wasn't an empowering experience as I had hoped.

I need to set a better writing routine. I believe there's room for improvement(s) in my daily practice. I love the podcasts I've been listening to this past week, it has inspired some creativity and encouragement.

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