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Seeking Inspiration

I have been productive. I have been creative. Just not in my creative writing world. Earlier this week, I wrote a few blog posts; posted two of them and two are floating in the draft folder. Then my mood was extremely low on Tuesday so I struggled every which way. I am so grateful for my support system because I got through this week... but I still feel this empty void in some moments or I feel this devastating disappointment in other moments.

I am pulling from different sources of media to find some inspiration. 

I have been purchasing books at thrift stores. I bought an amazing dream dictionary. I have a fascination with meaning and symbolism. It is such a great resource to add to my library.

I found social media posts written by someone I knew who suffered from chronic illness and mental health issues. Her posts had inspired me to blog about my mental health. I advocate louder and stronger because of her. I want to honor her in some way in her own words so that the world knows how the healthcare system is failing women like us. 

I am listening to a podcast called WitchLit Podcast. The host, Victoria Raschke, interviews pagan and occult authors of fiction and non-fiction. I love hearing what other writers are experiencing as writers. How they struggle, or thrive, or share their craft.

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