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MᕱլլԾᏒᎩ Hꂅ℘ცuᏒภ

At the end of July, I reached out to a counselling center for mental health support - - - I had one session earlier in the year and it became difficult to return until I was nearing crisis mode. The person who arranged my appointment placed me with one of their art therapist interns. I wasn't looking for art therapy but it became exactly what I was searching for; not only the art connection but the connection I built with my therapist. I felt that she spoke my language... I have had some knowledge in trauma therapy and recovery because of my education journey through IWAP at Canadore College (Class of 2022) but what I have been learning and expressing since I have come to the realization that I was a survivor of abuse from my childhood and my young adult years.

Yes, I did write in past tense, as much as it is an amazing connection, my therapist is moving on to new opportunities and we are ending our sessions together next week. Because we are finishing this journey soon, we had planned to display my work in the art room at the center. It is a beautiful bonus to reflect, evaluate and analysis the artworks together.

I was encouraged to bring the projects I created during our session together (August 2 through November 8) and create my own exhibit like my own coffee house art gallery just like the ones I admired at Brazil Coffee House. I never had the opportunity to display my art for others and talk about the process & emotions that have been evoked.

Another beautiful bonus, I found out three weeks ago that I am allowed to bring Miley (my Chihuahua) to my therapy sessions. She came to one art session and my (two) art evaluation(s). It was fun to have her at the art session cause she was able to take part and I placed her paws in a miniature sandbox. I am grateful that as I transfer to new therapist that I will have Miley's support and presence to ease into meeting someone new and restarting to share my story once again.

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Series 1 : Rebirth

Series 2 : After Midnight

Series 3 : Alignment

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