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My Coffee House Art Exhibit

Since August, I've been working with an art therapist and learning to express and heal through art. I have had a little experience thanks to a bi-weekly support group that I joined earlier this year.

A combination of my personal knowledge in art teaching, my knowledge in trauma based therapy approaches, and my year (and sometime) on this healing journey, post diagnosis with c-PTSD; I felt that being matched with this specific therapist was the blessing I needed in my healing journey. She heard (and seen) me as I am. Her approach was complimentary to what I needed. Most of our time time together was virtual but it was a pleasure to express and explore art in the comforts of safe space.

During our last two sessions, I was invited to display my art that I created this year and share my journey. When it was time to prepare, I purchased cardstock to frame my artworks. One piece was missed because it was left at the center and I had forgotten it until we got my crafts from the previous weeks.

I utilized the four walls of the room. The table in front of the windows facing the street held my mix media art projects and books. The back wall held my art from the earlier sessions in August plus photography. The wall across from our seats held projects from later sessions. The fourth wall held pieces from Lady Picture Show.

I have a page on my site dedicated to the art work shared and analyzed during my personal art showcase with my art therapist:

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