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Body Scan

Today's art of healing session was amazing. The artist who facilitated these sessions usually starts the session with a tidbit of astrology or lunar phases, leads a guided meditation or body scan, then gives prompts for the day's session. In today's meditation, it was suggested that we listen to our bodies and seek what piece of our being is speaking to us. For nearly a decade, I have felt kidney pain. It has been daily for so long, I lost track of when this began. I describe this pain as a scream now. My kidneys scream. That is the energy, the frequency drawn in red around my little green duplex kidney. I call him "Lefty". While I was preparing my piece of art, I quickly googled what was the color of pain, kidney awareness ribbon's color, what causes kidney pain, and what color is infection.

Lefty - Mallory's duplex kidney with infection

In 2004, I had an infection in my left kidney, I also found out that it was a duplex kidney. At the time, I was told that my body breaking down was symptoms of stress. I had a couple appointments with specialists following my hospitalization in January 2004 but no long term plan of care was provided. I had a role to fulfill and society dictates that I be a good wife & good mom. And I put every one else's needs ahead of mine.

Twenty years later, I am still living with the same pains and problems but I understand that my body works double time to achieve "normal" results. I can feel my kidneys working their hardest to keep me stable. My bloodwork always showed near normal levels; I'm curious to hear about this week's results. Am I still in range/normal? For my first real appointment with my new primary care practitioner, I want to discuss kidney health and request some testing because I know this is still a severe problem that must be addressed immediately.

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