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When I started blogging in 2018, I believe my goal was to document positivity and growth while learning how to live with Fibromyalgia. I feel that my blog is evolving, just as I am as a writer. I was an avid writer and wished to go to college/university to take some form of writing programming. I dreamed that I could be a journalist or novelist, before my experience in an intimate partner violence relationship. ​When you are reading my blog & my articles, I have changed the names of the people who have had influences in my life. Former boyfriends (or people who abused me) have Dodgers names, and friends have musician names; couples have rock and roll couple names and mutual friends have bandmates names.

The fourth wave of feminism, the Me Too movement, and other social issues lead me to start Her Story. Ever since I launched this project in 2020, I have experienced a mental health breakdown (or two); slowly I am learning about the life I was given, see the experiences I survived with new eyes, and picking up what I am and becoming the person I always dreamt about. That person is a writer. Starting this summer, I am pursuing my dream of earning my certificate in creative writing;
I recently unboxed a dream that I had shelved since 1997 when I dropped out of the writer's club, days after I was nominated as president for my senior year. The following month, I didn't even apply to any of the college programs I had dreamed about. I had even customized my high school curriculum to fast track my language credits so I could graduate in four years instead of five with the courses I needed for journalism or creative writing. I was throwing my dreams away for a miserable relationship and during a time of chaos and mental health crisis. 

I started Western University's creative writing continuing education certification program this summer. My first course is blogging. I am building my skills and beginning to work on better blogging practices. My main goal is to unlock some writer's block that I have encountered for decades and write a memoir. Some of my short stories are available. 

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