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Not Heather

First day with my new name at my GP's office - - - and I was called Heather. That was a surprise and sparked anxiety about my first appointment. Everything was straighten out and my proper name was on my file. My blood pressure was low (as it usually is) and my bloodwork results ran similar to what I've seen in the past. The GP recommended ultrasound tests. We spoke briefly about Fibromyalgia and that I wanted to make sure I had medical support from his team; not as reassured as I wanted to feel but grateful for the discussion and recommendations he offered.

I have spent the past two years focused on my mental health that I left my physical health fall apart. I'm in constant pain and I've neglected my self-care routine and rituals that I built during my time working with a Fibro Coach. It's time to re-evaluate my daily routine and re-incorporate the things that were working for me, and if those things don't work anymore, it's time to find new solutions.

I started taking Cymbalta, again. I began taking it when I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in November 2018, stop taking it in April 2022 after my suicide attempt. My doctor from the hospital and I decided to take a holistic approach to recovery. I only took supplements during April & May 2022, then after my second suicide attempt, I had a different doctor and he recommended a different prescription. I stayed on those meds until November 2023. It was a nightmare trying to renew my prescription every month without a family physician. I remember when I started taking Cymbalta in November 2018, that I was in a lot of pain in my shoulders and arms. I'm feeling those sensations, again. I'm unsure if that's worth complaining about or should I just tolerate it.

I am currently reviewing which vitamins and supplements that I took when I was working with my Fibro Coach(es) and making my shopping list.

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