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Assignment #3 - Historical Figure

Gilda Radner


Gilda was the first cast member hired for Saturday Night Live in 1975. Some of my favorite comedians and writers have been influenced by Gilda Rader. She paved the way for people like Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Lena Dunham, and many more comedians (actors and writers) that I love and admire. I watched Love, Gilda, where several comedians had the honor to read Gilda’s diary and share how she influenced them. It was a beautiful documentary.

Gilda passed away before I discovered stand-up comedy and SNL. I loved her portrayal of Patti Smith and Bawa Wawa, and her fictional character Lisa Loopner (The Nerds) was my favorite persona of hers. Her character Roseanne Roseannadanna would end her piece on the new segment by stating “It’s Always Something.” Which became the title of her autobiography.

Gilda Radner recorded the audio for her book It's Always Something one month before she passed away. Her book is next on my wish list on Audible. I read that hearing her narrate her own book in her own words is the way the book was intended. I usually don't write about historical figures but I think I would write a book review. I think this genre of writing is outside of my element and brings new challenges. I wanted to review a movie on my blog several years ago, but I wasn’t able to form my words to my views at the time.

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