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Three Goals for 2024

Earlie this month, I was emailed a lovely list of writing prompts from Lee of Fibro Blogger Directory. I wanted to write about my goals for 2024.

As a person with fibromyalgia what are your top three goals for this year?

Display my college diplomas & my IFCI Advisor certificate (portrait & cap-art, too)

I changed my legal name last year, and I want to order/request my earned diplomas and certificates from International Fibromyalgia Coaching Institute & Canadore College to have my true name on them so I can display them proudly. I worked hard to earn those in 2020, 2021 & 2022 respectively. I also bought a graduation cap decoration kit from Michaels last year but haven't got around to making it and displaying it; mostly because I was waiting for my diploma to have my true name written on it.

Let go of my last vice

I gave up alcohol in 2018 when I started taking sleep medication that was prescribed. It didn't make sense to drink anymore. I was numbing myself at night and struggling each and everyday.

I did smoke cannabis for about two years, beginning August 2021 and quit in October 2023. It was difficult to judge if it was helpful or detrimental to my wellbeing. When I was hospitalized the second time in 2022, my partner threw away my cannabis. I started again around the time that I moved to KW - - - it was just at bedtime at the start in August 2022 but it became much more frequent throughout the day once I dropped out of my college program.

My last vice is diet coke. I did give up drinking pop before. In summer 2018, when I was working at a Girl Guide camp for the month of August, it was the right time because I would be away for over three weeks and it takes 21 days to quit a habit. It was easy to do, I rarely think of pop when I was at camp. I drank iced tea, caramel cafe latte, and water. I started again in September 2022 and I can feel striking pain in my sides when I drink enough of it (more than one, I can feel it in my kidneys).

I plan to faze out pop with drinking more iced teas - - - it has been done before. I know I can do this.

Celebrating 25 years together

March 8th is my partner and my 25th (together) anniversary. In February 1999, Kirk saw me at a coffee house, five months after we separated because I was still heartbroken by my ex-boyfriend. When he saw me at the coffee house, he noticed that I looked down and he thought he'd try to cheer me up. He came to my table and asked to join me, and I said yes. We had nice conversation and he did manage to make me smile. I enjoy his company. At the end of that afternoon, we said our goodbye and said see you tomorrow. So each day, after my co-op placement and his day at college, we would meet up for coffee. March 8th is our anniversary, because that is the day that we had the conversation that defined our roles and our intentions in our relationship together. Also, later this year is our anniversary when we became a family.

I hope that we celebrate our relationship's special dates throughout the year... like tonight we are going to see Amelie at the theatre. We are celebrating the day we started having our coffee dates before we officially became a couple.

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