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Courage Tarot

For my birthday, I was gifted a tattoo session with Erica. It was my fourth session with her and it was my third Sailor Moon inspired inkdream that she created for me.

I was introduced to the Sailor Moon universe by my childhood friend, Darcy, in the fall of 1995. I thought I was a Sailor Mars because of my ruling planet is Mars (I am an Aries) but I was designated as Sailor Jupiter by Darcy. I didn't fully understand why at the time, why she chose Makoto/Sailor Jupiter... I started looking at her personality and what she represents, I can see why she chose Jupiter for me.

When I started thinking about Darcy last autumn, remembering our relationship, honoring her memory to my rollerskating inkdream by adding a Sailor Jupiter dagger to the skater's leg. Then in December, I got my planchette tattoo with Luna & Artemis. I nicknamed that tattoo Bad Influence.

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