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My Tattoos, Their Meanings & Symbolisms + Discoveries

January 2022, my first tattoo {C + K}

I've been wanting this tattoo since early to mid 2000s. I love the intertwine-ness, the closeness of CeCe + Kirk. There's no link for the original Instagram post, Danni's account was hacked sometime between my second and third tattoo.

March 2022, Bea meaningful tattoo

The witch's hand: It is believed in ancient mythology that this sign protects the wearer from evil eyes and is a sort of witch's blessing.

The bat: facing your inner demons; indigenous view - bat might invoked to see the truth in situations.

April 2022, Aries ♈tattoo️

I've loved astrology since my teens and I adored this design for a while. I ended up with a larger version of the original artwork but I feel it suites the tattoo and the location. And my Aries symbol will be cuter once I get the sister tattoo on the left side to balance my energy,

July 2022, Betty, witchy tattoo

Betty was suppose to be tattooed in June, as a graduation gift, unfortunately I was hospitalized four days before my appointment and Danni was understanding and sweet, she helped my partner reschedule my appointment for when I was feeling less unwell.

Betty is a fae. She is vulnerably being sitting in a forest, she is surrounded by nature including rocks, mushrooms, and vines. She wears flowers in her bubbly hairstyle. She holds a Geum Triflorum (Prairie Smoke) stem like a fairy wand; she creates a swirl of magic with a gentle wave of the Prairie Smoke in her hand. Betty gives me boho witchy vibes.

"I am going to the forest, to eat mushrooms, fully nude, and speak to the constellations."

- Author unknown

I love my tattoos and I think of them like the stickers I would collect & trade in the school yard in elementary school. Sticker collecting in the late '80s was amazing. I love my sticker collection tattoos.

I hope to rebalance my art, I'm missing one on my left side to be even.

Something that I was concerned about when I decided to move away last month was the fact that I was planning to get my next tattoo(s) with Danni I was conflicted with which tattoo to book but I knew that I wanted one of two Ringo-esque ideas. The first idea was a cool pop-art, colorful tattoo of my two dogs: Ringo ('96 - '08) and Miley ('18 - present) or my second idea which is a yellow submarine. Yellow submarine is the song I sang on my way home with my boy best friend, Owen, the day I met my dog. I am grateful that I couldn't make up my mind this time because I ended up moving nearly 5 hours away. I would have lost my deposit and would have disappointed that I wouldn't have the opportunity to get more ink done by Danni. Which I am already sad that I won't be able to get the poison items tattoo that I wanted to add to my existing witch's hand tattoo. If I would be moving, it was time to research and find a new artist to match my style and align with my visions. Especially if I want a September session to get Ringo near his anniversary of being adopted by my family.

Even while I was still up north, I started looking on social media for KW tattoo shops and artists. Two really stood out for me. I took a chance and reached out to Jamie because she did a tattoo recently that is the same style that I am looking for. We scheduled a consultation for next week and I hope that next month, I will be getting my fifth tattoo! I fell in love with this tattoo design last year, I did unpin the idea and lost the original poster but had an image saved on my cloud. It's a doe sternum tattoo.

Fawning Trauma Response

Last month, I had a hard time sleeping and a random thought brought me to search another trauma response. This time, I remembered how I would never stay mad, always in a good mood, and received comments like I could forget quickly that I was in a bad mood and be pleasant for others easily. People pleasing. I didn't realize that I was not always in freeze but also in fawn. That is why my next tattoo will be a fawn. I want to wear my fawn as my superhero emblem. During my saddest month with my abuser, I would shut down and block out the threat in some instances but I also would appease the treat (that's where the people pleasing comes in). I want to book my upcoming fawn sternum tattoo on October 16, 2022. It is a special date to me. It is my sobriety anniversary among other things.

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