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Daylio - Mood Tracking App

Once upon a time, I had been tracking my moods with Daylio then in an insomniac, sleep deprived state, I lost my data.

"Early this morning, 1:30 a.m., I woke up from a two hour sleep, decided to play my favorite online game, scroll some social media feed, and read an article then get back to sleep; I opened an article and started reading, then my phone started glitching. I tried other apps and they would glitch out as well. I made the quick decision to factory reset my phone, and when I reinstalled my favorite apps, I found out that I was not backing up my Daylio reports and lost over 500 days of mood tracking. I was heartbroken. Some major milestones... *sigh* Another way to see this unfortunate incident is that I have a fresh start."


Fast forward to October 2023, I hesitated but I really needed to reset my phone once again, this time because my phone was deadnaming me. I was thrilled that I didn't lost my Daylio data this time around. I was able to change my email address to my Mallory Gmail and backup my nearly four years of entries and no more deadnaming on my phone!

I find it's easier to track moods with Daylio. When I have been given printouts and need to track manually I get discouraged and I barely attempt the process. Daylio makes it fun, too. There's weekly, monthly, and yearly reports. You can collect achievements (as seen in my screenshot of my good mood entry on October 24th). There's even secret achievements to unlock, it's kinda fun to learn to use the app by their challenges to earn those achievements.

Daylio is fabulous. I was delighted to receive a unicorn achievement on January 1st! It's a bittersweet reminder that it's been 1,250 days since the unfortunate incident of deleting my 500+ days of Daylio mood tracking.

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