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Try Again

Last week, I had good intentions to stay on schedule and keep up with my Creative Writing course. I had planned a regular blog entry, my childhood memory assignment, and a creative blog entry. There was an incident that happened Monday afternoon that left me shook and upset for the whole week. I was still broken about it Sunday night; six full days of being on edge and unable to return to my creative mind.

I spent several sessions at my computer, trying to create something from my notebooks from the fall time. I had compiled a wish list of ideas or topics that I wanted to blog about. My final product from those sessions was too sporadic and hard to follow. I decided that I would just scrap it and try again.

I have some rituals that I do everyday when I write or making progress on my website design and content. In the spring when I started attending virtual support groups, a couple instructors said they light a candle to set an intention to be creative. Right now, I am burning a cherry blossom candle that smells soft and lovely. It makes me remember those lovely spring days I got to experience here in KW for my first time as a new member of this community. My second ritual is music that I listen to while I write. I find I am most creative when I listen to my blogging playlist. Last week, I discovered new music and made an amazing playlist, but I came to the realization that it was not affecting my creative mind in a positive manner.

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