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Thrifting: My Library

I adore thrifting. It's a self care icon and activity on my mood tracking app - Daylio. I went to Value Village this afternoon to treasure hunt & chase my blues away. I made my way to the book section, and hoped that I would find a book or two on witches.

Lucky, lucky me! I found four! I found The Good Witch's Guide encyclopedia, the Psychic Witch (it was on my wishlist on audible), The Witch's book of Self-Care (which I do have on audible), and Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner. This witch collection cost just over $20, it was buy four get a fifth book for free. I found a novel that a friend had praised and recommended.

I am building my home library by thrifting. I wish I had bookstore money is something I love to say to my partner when we're shopping/browsing at Indigo. In the past month, I have purchased 24 new (to me) books and just filled in a whole shelf of my bookcase.

Last week's thrifting was incredible. I found four poetry books. I purchased several other books, two mugs, a ring light, and an adorable teal with floral design ceramic elephant. My elephant will look amazing in Studio Mallory. He is the perfect teal and I know his hues will compliment the papillon flutter wallpaper.

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