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Sunflower Girl

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

The other evening on one of our coffee dates, I told my partner, Kirk, about the time my Indigenous Wellness and Addiction Prevention (IWAP) Program professor called me sunflower girl because she didn't know our names yet. The décor of my wall behind me was what caught my professor's eye. The sunflower wreath pictured below was one of three sunflower wall art pieces I had in my bedroom. There was also an 10 x `10 canvas print and a crescent moon with a sunflower wall hanging. I have loved sunflowers since the mid 90s, the first time I remember them as a trend... my favorite things were sunflower items even ones that broke my heart to have or to remember the person associated with that item. Many of those favorites are gone now, just the memories of my sunflowers in my room.

Being called sunflower girl was wonderful, I know it was so simple but so heartwarming, I have dreamed since my teenage life to be seen like that and called something I love so much. I'm moving to my new place in eleven days and trying to figure out if sunflowers will be apart of the décor... last week, I donated one of my tins because the print was triggering some bad memories, I couldn't look at it anymore. I no longer have the wreath or the canvas print, I still have the crescent moon.

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