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I was at a loss, what to blog about for this week's Creative Blog. I decided to compile lists of titles and topics for my website, writing projects ideas, and blog post topics. I feel like I've been procrastinating but it's been a hard week and it's mostly been dealing with my mental status. I thought it would be beneficial to myself to compile these ideas here, so that I can recycle the pile of paper on my desk. I was starting to feel cluttered in my workspace.

Mallory en montgolfière's keywords

Chronic Illness Blogger

Fibromyalgia Advocate

Love After Trauma

BDP\c-PTSD\mental health blog

Healing with Art Therapy


Transition Week: Mindful in Rediscovery (Recovery)

Sugar & Spice

Employee of the Month

Nine Lives

Copy Cat

xmas breakdown

Health Matters (Writing Project)

EM: 20 years later

Symptoms of Stress

Understanding My Depression

Art Therapy

Prescription Medication

Improving Relationships

Behavioral Activation


Support Groups

I wrote those ideas in November, I retrieved them from my notebook and scraps of papers. I wished I remember or elaborated on the topic "Nine Lives", might have been a great blog entry. At the end of November/beginning of December, I wasn't writing at the time but planning and organizing my website's big move from Weebly to Wix. It took several days to transfer the data and blog entries. I relaunched my site with new logo & colors the first week of January.

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