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I Wanna Dance With Somebody

When I was little, I believe I was 7 years old possibly close to 8 years old, my mom enrolled me in a community dance troupe. They would meet at Pinewood elementary school and practice the dance routine on the stage. The lessons were on Wednesdays. At the time, my dad had full time custody and my mom had visitations on every second Wednesday and one weekend a month in the beginning, then the dates increased until the parental units shared custody. So when the lessons were on Wednesdays when I was with mom, she would take me to the school. My dad did not bring me once to any rehearsal night, it wasn't his night. On the night of the showcase, I was placed behind the curtain for song #1 since I knew none of the choreography and I had to dance in the back row for song #2 because I knew it partially from the nights that my mom tried. I was heartbroken, the girls in my troupe didn't like me because I missed so much.

I am working on healing and one thing that I am doing for the little girl who loved dancing is giving her another chance to become a dancer. I've been researching dance studios in the KW area and I think I found the place where I want to start learning to dance again.

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