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Assignment #2 - Dream

My newest dream that I think about every day and every night  is a place that I call Studio Mallory. It's a physical place that doesn't exist yet, just in my mind. When I was 16 years old I was exposed to the art community in my hometown. It was a culture and a lifestyle I admired from the sideline because I didn't believe that I was artistic enough to be an artist.  There is a place where the musicians, the painters, the creators all gathered. I befriended some of them and that place was a special coffee house that I hold dear to my heart. It is the place where I met my husband.  That place was special to both of us and we share the same views and goals for each other as individuals and as a couple.  Studio Mallory would be borrowing some of the most amazing pieces of that coffee house. I hope to create the aroma and feel the energy that draws me into Brazil coffee house.  I dream of a big blue comfy chair where I can curl up and read my favorite books.  I envision butterfly & floral wallpaper in my favorite colors, shades, and tones.  I think there would be art on the walls.  I see my gray desk with my computer and dual screens so I can continue working on my writing  projects and blogging.  I can see my certificates and diplomas that I have earned with my name Cerelia written on them. My favorite part of the memories and future dreams is a mocha mug that my husband took home on the last night Brazil coffee house was open.

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