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Beautiful Goodbye

Updated: Jan 14

Just a few weeks ago, I received an invitation to stay with my best friend whenever I needed, it then turned into applying to Conestoga College and moving to a new city in less than two weeks.

Earlier this summer, I confessed to my partner, Kirk that I could not heal in our home. I had too many triggers in our bedroom, our front entrance & stairs. With this new safe & supportive environment with my caring, loving best friend, Kate. I might be able to find a way to start healing without major triggers such as living in my teenagerhood neighborhood.

The Beautiful Goodbye was a series of outings with Kirk, revisiting our relationship's first milestones.

I always wanted a Beautiful Goodbye and Kirk gifted me 9 beautiful dates/outings in my hometown of North Bay. Sunset photos at Lake Nipissing, dinner from Chopsticks, beach dinner date with favorite sub from favorite local submarine shop, visit our favorite secret café, Italian sodas and watermelon lemonade from Twiggs, Waterfront kisses (reimagination of our first date), Mini Putt date night, dinner at Demarco's, and my mini make-over. I had my haircut from a salon, for the first time since January 2021, and colored my hair. I treated myself to a cute blue romper for moving day. I went to my favorite second hand shop, New-to-You.

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