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Assignment #1 Childhood Memory

In November 1991, I was absent for several days of school due to being sick and I missed a big test in math class. When I returned to school, I had to take the test over the lunch hour and miss out on recess. I had studied so much for this test and when I turned in my paper to my teacher. I mentioned that there was a section I studied extra hard because there was a concept that I was struggling with. There were no math questions or equations that tested that concept on the test; my teacher quickly put a formula on the back of the test to see if I mastered the concept.

When she returned the tests to the class the following day, I was amazed to see that I earned 110% on the test because I aced the actual test then got the bonus question the teacher gave me perfectly.

The following spring, at my grade six graduation ceremony. I was surprised when they announced that I was the recipient of the excellence in mathematics award. My joy was short-lived because some of my classmates believed that I didn't deserve the award.

There was a graduation pool party at the teacher's place but I didn't attend.

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