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Someday, Part Two


In fall 2020, I was taking Indigenous Wellness and Addiction Prevention at Canadore College and the courses were built that you would self-reflected and analyze your experiences. I wrote about my relationship with my father in a blog post and created this

I stayed up all night editing my blog and websites. I decided that I wanted to use my colors I had picked for my front entrance but I wasn't able to create it because I left "home" August 2022. I was planning to have a witchy front door and the color was called Twilight Lavender. And a complimentary color that I used is called English Lavender

I also changed the fonts on my brand kit. I think it's lovely together.

This afternoon while I was working on my site and Kirk was listing items on Kijiji, I placed my witch books on the coffee table that Kate gave us - - - I achieved something special today. Nearly a year ago, I had wrote on my blog that I wanted to have witch books in my new apartment, my home, on my coffee table with a latte in my favorite mocha mug from Brazil Coffee House.

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