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I have some things to work on, self-compassion is definitely one. I was looking up a youtube video that we had watching in a support group and I wanted to get a self-compassion quote to add to my daily language to myself. My auto predict doesn't know that compassion comes after self. The three words that were predicted were sabotage, conscious, and care (well that was is nicer). I had a hard time hearing because my computer audio is kinda crummy so I'll listen again off my phone. What stood out for me and I wanted to add to my daily self talk is "Darling I care about this suffering" and I do find it is a powerful phrase.

Another thing that was good for me today. I learned about glimmers. I am a hopeless hopeful girl and I do try to find the good in people/things/situations. But triggers from trauma are difficult to find good times in the long difficult times... so because I know I have been this person, who find those moments. It's glimmers, the little sparkle of goodness. Those moments that make it a lil more worth while.

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