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Pups And Poses

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

I took Miley to her first yoga class on Tuesday night. She was wonderful once she stopped growling at everything. There's a summer series titled Pupilates and Pups & Poses that I've wanted to attend since it began mid June. There was a couple cancelled due to weather and there were times I was unable to get myself to the park on my own because my partner was away. The opportunity to attend yesterday's session presented itself to me and I asked Kirk to bring me to the six thirty class. My body has been furious since I moved into my new apartment earlier this month. The evening class by the river is an excellent way to reconnect with myself. When I wasn't able to do the stretches or poses, I would take that moment to be there. I could hear the rustle of the leaves in the big trees that surround us. I could hear the waterfall behind me. I could feel the breeze... which was appreciated after such a hot, humid day.

I found these movements very helpful last night but I find I still have pain in my shoulders and neck. I am trying these stretches and taking an Epsom salt bath this evening. Next week, we're trying the Pilates class.

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