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New Year, New Look

In September, I had changed my website's colors from corals to lavender but I wasn't quite pleased with the color combinations. It was even more apparent when I transferred my website content from Weebly to Wix that there wasn't great coordination - - - I was inspired by this image by The Color of Calm to use these four color as my accent colors. I love the combination of a deep, dark mahogany with my favorite dusty rose. I've been playing with the combinations for my logos and imagery for Mallory en montgolfière.

I decided to include some dark autumn hues inspired by sunflower vibes for my base colors to compliment my accent colors for this template.

UPDATE: 01/22/2024 - Placed order over the weekend for new colors for my hot air balloon logo by Ramble Road Studios. Patti designed both my blog logo and my photography logo. I love the new look, these are my favorite moody colors.

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