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Names Are Gifts

I saw this on Instagram last week and I hold this expression dear to my heart.

One day, my youngest child told me that they didn't feel like their gender that was assigned at birth was correct. I love that they were comfortable enough to allow me ​the honor of being their safe person; the privilege to receive this knowledge and their experiences with me and because of their growth, I am able to find confidence to learn and grow myself... I had changed my name to Shawn Hazel Elliott shortly after my child told me that they were nonbinary.

My given name did not suit me - well it was lovely but everyone had it and I had to share it. My given name became associated with pain and hurt. I could hear mean people say my name so sweetly then do hurtful things. I was very broken the first time I had the flashback of one of the parking garage abusers using the name Shawn. That happened January 9th - - - I had a terrible spiraling day and had some very scary lows, it also had good reassuring moments too. Unconditional love saved me that night.

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