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My Resolutions

I'm not starting new resolutions with the new year, I'm continuing the work I've been struggling with but there's more optimism at this time (vs. one year ago, or six months ago). I'm continuing to focus on myself and my mental health. I'm happy that I am joining some support groups and will be able to navigate my world in circles where I may find a connection; I may find some new light to be inspired again. I have some self-care goals for myself, such as daily yoga or gentle movement to become stronger so I can take dance lessons someday soon.


I am excited for something for the first time in a long time, I am registered to take my menopause doula certification with Doula Canada. I asked my bestie to help me pay for the course and I am working on repaying her plus the bonus offer of her being my first client. She agreed to my terms. I love her. She's my best cheerleader and my soul sister.

The course is about two months long, starts next week but online classes are weekly in February and March. I should have my certification by April and I already begun my doula business website.

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