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After nearly two years of being on high alert and being vigilant about proper hand cleaning/sanitation, social distancing, self-isolation, etc., my family of five (including myself) have been exposed to COVID-19. My spouse took a rapid home test last Thursday, which would have been my first tattoo appointment of this year, and discovered he tested positive. Our family went into self-isolation right away. Contacted the people we had seen over the past several days to let them know they may have been exposed as well. I am not pleased at all that we were exposed. I have my suspicion about when we contracted it or who may have transmitted the virus. I am furious with myself for allowing myself to visit family members that are against the vaccine and leaving myself vulernable to the risks.

A sorted positive outcome from this experience for my family is that they are feeling mild discomforts like I do on a regular basis due to chronic illness. The aches in the bodies and bones, the headache, the chills, the hot flashes, achy pains, and fatigue are all similar to what I feel each and everyday.

I went back to school this week, we are learning remotely until February (unless there's an extension when we get close to our return date). It's a big semester, 7 weeks of class, one mental health first aid training, possibly a culture camp, and placement from March to April.

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