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There's some things on my Wishlist for the upcoming year. I have an opportunity to start my doula training starting January 8, 2023. Next week, the first course that I want to take at Western University begins, and I hope to enroll in both these opportunities.

Last spring, I had a placement at a women's shelter through Canadore College's Indigenous Wellness and Addiction Prevention program. I enjoyed my experience working with an incredible group of women. I have always wanted to work with women/girls. During my placement, I worked with a woman who was expecting her first baby. Someone donated gift cards to the shelter and they were gifted to the expectant mother. I was lucky enough to bring her to a department store and she was able to buy baby's essentials. I guided her through the baby items, let her pick out clothing pieces, chose a car seat, and other items. I was able to share knowledge with the expectant mother and she was great to ask questions. The next day, I prepared some printable materials and best baby sites to help her expand her knowledge before her baby arrived. A co-worker from the shelter noticed my work and said that I should be a doula. I had never considered this opportunity when I was younger, I did not know this was possible for a girl who felt she wasn't smart enough in sciences and math. I wish guidance counsellors did things differently with me. I really fell out of the radar and nothing was accomplished at the very end, I did not go on to college or university (at that point). The course I'm starting with is the Menopause Doula training. I'm excited to start my course, I've been dreaming of these training since April. It's wonderful to feel like the new beginning is nearing.

The courses at Western is an important opportunity, for me to reclaim my brokenhearted teenage self. In 1997, when I was dating a narcissist; he killed my love, my passion for writing. I would write him love letters and he would criticize the letters. He degraded everything I was or wanted to be. I put aside my dreams when I lost myself after that relationship, the abuse I endured from someone who I thought he was protecting me from the dangers in my life.

I want to start dance lessons. When I was growing up, I would love to choreograph dances to music videos, that's pretty much all I ever did. I adore music and I did love dancing, it's been hard to do since the car accident in 2012 but I think with a little training and gentle movement before I get moving and dancing. I believe the dance genre that I am interested in is jazz. I'm letting my inner child/youth heal and grow by allowing her to attend dance classes that her parental unit refused to bring her to... she will dance with the butterflies.

After a very long battle and struggles within my mental health conditions, I have been to the darkest, saddest places in the past 12 months. I fell completely apart in April 2022. I made big drastic changes to help push the progress of healing... I may have pushed too hard this fall and came back down to depression these past two weeks. Xmas was very hard. I am ready to start picking up the pieces that I need to become the woman I wanted to be before the poet burned me. I'm ready to share my story.

If you are interested in gifting a course, here's a list of the classes and their costs.

Price Guide

Jazz Dance - $15/class

CW 1 - $249 Winter Course

CW 2 - $399 Spring Course

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