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Best Nine 2023

1.Year and a half since graduating & my last psychiatric hospitalization  - right now, my mental health status is low at best (progress in action, maybe)

2. Discovered KPL & the cafe in the library

3. First road trip to visit my kidlets (February)

4. Anniversary sunflowers; belated amidst the chaotic unstable mood

5. Western University (Creative) Writing badge earned in August for completion of my first course

6. Tattoo no°19 - Inkdreams

7. Butterflies

8. Pop-Up Coffee House Art Exhibit

9. #LoveAfterTrauma

My Wishlist for 2024

inkdreams: rest of my life, sugar & spice, 25th kissaversary, tarot card, miley+ringo, bowie and O+

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