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Another New Era

In January when I chose my new name Mallory, I was stumped on what the rest of the name should be. I didn't like Mallory Hazel Elliott. SHE was better than MHE for promoting my doula website and business name choice. At the end of February, I dropped out of the Menopause Doula certification. I felt isolated and ignored by the company. Plus, I was coming undone because of what was coming to light. I wanted a disconnect from everything and all things related to my past; my life and my families. I held Hazel for the time being but knowing that when it was time to put in the official paperwork to have my name (and my son's name) changed later this spring.

For a brief moment I thought my name may be Mallory Kennedy... I found that there is already an author named Mallory Kennedy and I wasn't a fan of the meaning of Kennedy.

Funny to think back to when Kirk and I were getting to know each other in 1999, that we discussed baby names: Kennedy was one of my top choices. I think the name itself is lovely but because I look for meaning in everything, it wouldn't have been a great choice after all.

I am drawn to the name Hepburn. I love the meaning and the sound of Mallory Hepburn. Both very lovely names. I really love the meaning of the name and the clan motto: "Keep Tryst" (Meet as agreed at the designated time and place). Which is very significant to my views and what is meaningful to me and my relations.

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