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9 Successful Weeks

At the end of November, I decided to move my website back from Weebly to Wix. I have been a Weebly user since my guiding blog days. I attempted Wix when I had a job interview in June 2022 as a blog and social media monitor. I like the presentation and format their blog achieved and I wanted for my blog. I struggled with creating flow in the website. I wanted to share short stories and photos but I couldn't navigate the editing features with ease. Everything was choppy and my blog wouldn't scroll past X posts. My son, Duncan reviewed my website and posts in April after I had visited my kidlets and talked to them about my content and how much did they truly knew about what I was experiencing and writing about on my website.

I was pro-Weebly for many reasons when I was struggling with the flow of my blog. I began to understand my hiccups after my exposure to blog education last summer and was able to brainstorm and problem solve my technical issues on my own. I feel that I finally figured out how to be a website designer and I am achieving the style & look that I envisioned for my website. It wasn't until I transferred all my data back from Weebly to Wix in December that I started customizing my site, I realized it was the editor setting that made my first Wix site difficult to edit. Once I figured out how to change the editor settings, I was able to create flow and the choppiness disappeared. I exported my blog entries from my second wix site to my first site then began started to copy & paste my content to the original site.

It's been nine weeks since I began tracking on my mood tracker when I create or edit content on my website. Today, I received a notification congratulating me for nine successful weeks. It's been quite the task to transfer all my work I've accumulated since I began blogging December 31, 2018...

I think I am content with Mallory en montgolfière.

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