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2022 Reflections

2022 was the most difficult & challenging year of my life, thus far. Mid to late 2021, my flashbacks from my relationship with Cody in 1997-98 started increasing and intensifying until my sanity started to come undone January 2022. I lost focus and concentration to complete some important assignments for my final semester of IWAP. I kept in communication with my instructors, I was letting them know that my mental health was decreasing and I was struggling even to be present in life during that point in my breakdown. As soon as I knew I had a passing grade, no matter how low (51% or higher), I stopped working on my assignments completely. I did my placement with a shelter and the more I learned and saw the documentation in the trainings, the more I became aware of the abuse I had endured. By the end of my placement, I was spiraling and I had a mental breakdown. I was hospitalized in April then again days after my graduation ceremony in June. I was unable to cope with the flashbacks. I told my partner that I could not heal in our home. I was triggered in our front entrance and even in our bedroom.

(L) September 2019. (R) June 2022.

An opportunity to move to KW with my best friend, Kate, allowed me to move to safe environment and start letting go of the pain I have been carrying. Conestoga got me to where I needed to be to begin healing; my new goal rerouted me but I am grateful for the role that they played. It's been a struggle but I am writing more often; I hope to write stronger and longer blog posts as I am learning and grieving through my journey of healing my inner child.

"I met the saddest and happiest version of myself this year." - Reggie Mills

  1. Earned two diplomas from Canadore College and all I got was these diagnosed mental health conditions.

  2. Moved to KW with my best bitch.

  3. Conestoga, I took chances; failed at some, succeed elsewhere.

  4. S.H.E.

  5. Reunited with my bestie then moved in with her.

  6. The Writer.

  7. Finally, got my nose pierced. 

This year, I got six tattoos done and I already have my wishlist for next year.

Body Art planned for 2023

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