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Xmas Fail

For as long as I can remember, I struggle to get into the xmas spirit. It was easy when the kids were babies through small children ages, but since my dad died in 2015, November and December are too damn hard.

I decided to book a photo session and visit with Santa for the dogs, since I don't have smallish kidlets to get dressed up to visit our favorite festive dude from the north pole. Saturday, we got the dogs Winston and Miley ready to go the pet store. I put Miley in her xmas outfit from 2019, this cute corduroy dress with plaid shirt.

Usually I carry Miley into the stores, but for whatever reason, I didn't pick her up and she walked right up into the danger. I heard the woman owner say "that's not a squirrel" and that is when her dog got aggressive and grabbed Miley, it through her like a shark throws a seal for the kill. I think I screamed no but I can't really remember what I did during this ordeal. I went into freeze and shock immediately. The woman tried talking to me but I didn't want to hear it. It felt pushy and imposed. Why did she even say that sentence before her dog went for my Chihuahua? I fell like that was a trigger word for the dog to chase a defenseless animal.

The manager was on scene immediately and he with my partners' help, got me off the ground with my Miley and brought me to a quiet area to sit on a stool to collect ourselves. Every single staff member came to check on "the baby" and "mommy".

I don't think this experience will help with my troubles with xmas spirit and it defiantly will be affecting how I enter stores with Miley again.

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