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Winter Solstice

On Sunday before he left for home, Kirk took me to a Witchmas holiday pop-up market. I got to meet the organizer for the witch and wellness markets. The other day when I discovered that there was a pop up this weekend, I took the time to enjoy her Instagram and her store inventory. I was able to afford two manifestation candles, I hope to spark some confidence and creativity. I find I have been struggling to write this past week since discovering/realizing that I was being gaslighted as a child and the level of insecurity that household gave me to handle on my own.

With lighting these candles, I will be doing a ritual for the first time. I have created a small alter on my bestie's bookcase with my witchy bottles, rocks that chose me, rocks, sea glass & shells from Nova Scotia (on my besties trip to visit her mom), candles, and my favorite books. I'm very drawn to witchcraft and witch culture. I began my interest in witches in the fall of 2020. I believe that I am drawn in because of the connection of nature with spirituality, self-empowerment and feminism empowerment.

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