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Updated: Jan 31

Today, I went for my first hand poke tattoo. The artist Shar walked me through her craft and we had wonderful conversations. The tattoo was a piece that I've wanted since 2006/07, it's Roman Numerals of a special date.

My first tattoo and this tattoo are symbolic to my relationship with my partner, Kirk. I met him during a chaotic part of my life and when I was with him, I had tunnel vision and only saw him. The pain from the breakup from the month previous vanished and I was able to have a happy day. I was able to have a wonderful Saturday, then Sunday, then Monday... but something changed on Tuesday, I was manipulated to thinking that I wasn't ready to move on and I was convinced that I should break up with Kirk. Because the person who was telling me these things was a person I trusted with my whole soul, I listened to them.

There's a song that I adore, the very first line is "Let's go back to the beginning" and makes me think that's the moment I would return to - - - September 12, 1998.

I adore that Kirk calls me his French girlfriend; that was true in 1998/99 and true again when I got my French Bob hairstyle for my move. I love how supportive he has been through my healing journey. I kept to myself more until we had the best heart to heart discussion over the winter break this past January, since then he has been aware of the challenges and heartaches through healing. It's hard being so far away from each other but it's kinda cute how we see each other on weekends, just like our relationship in the spring of 1999.

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