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Hidden Treasure

Last week, when Kirk came to visit me, he brought two totes of photographs and cards. I found a stack of letters from my friend, Marnie. Inside a standard card size envelope there was four pages folded together, three separate letters, the two paged letter in the middle was some of her artwork. She drew Kirk walking me home after work. There is no dates on the letters nor is the postage stamp clear enough. She wrote about her birthday just passing and talking about university/college & work, so it's probably late August, very beginning of September.

Marnie was my safe person and her home was a safe space away from my home life. I don't know how much she knew, but just looking at my letters from her I think she knew more than most of my friends from school actually knew. She was the reason I would look forward to my two weeks at my LM household. I wasn't allowed to socialize with my childhood best friend (Darcy) because she was a bad influence; so I shared my time when I was with LM I was with Marnie and when I was with OM household I was with Darcy. Both these girls were what keep me going, their friendships were my sisterhood I craved. The summer that Marnie moved away to Ottawa, was the same summer that Cody started manipulating me. I believe the day I said goodbye to Marnie was the night that Cody come over and started playing the good guy.

I wish I could thank Marnie for her letters. I am grateful I kept them all these years. That artwork hidden between the letters was the exact thing I needed today; I was/am incredibly sad today, reflecting on some hard times 25 years ago this week. Right now, it is difficult and hard, but I have some great things happening over the next five days. I've been able to write a few times this week and I hope this is a continuing upswing to give my mind some peace someday soon.

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