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Updated: Dec 12, 2023

On Thursday I had updated one of my website pages and I wanted to share it with my partner this afternoon. I decided to use google to pull up my website, and when I saw images in the search results. I looked over where they were linked and I was pleased to see that in October that Fibro Bloggers shared my website with this beautiful caption, a bit of a mission statement for my blog & website. I am so honored and delighted to be apart of the Fibromyalgia community.

When I was in my hometown there were barriers that didn't allow me to access support groups. I felt unwelcomed by another Fibro Warrior, I felt that I would be a hazard in her healing journey. I admired her openness and social media presence speaking out about chronic illness. I wanted to reach out once I had received my diagnosis but ten years prior to being diagnosed, she gave me the impression that I was not welcome to approach her. I have always respected her wishes and hoped one day that she could be healed from her illness.

I tried navigating the failed health & mental health care system in my hometown, it was increasingly more and more difficult and by July I NEEDED to escape elsewhere. My best friend extended her hand, her heart, her home to me at the most incredible time - just a few weeks before the unveiling of the hospital's auditorium new namesake.

​I had felt the whole community was built to see that I fail in my healing journey. I removed myself from the toxic environments. I realize that not everyone has this unique opportunity, I am blessed. It hasn't been all sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows since I moved to my new community... I am not healed. I most definitely struggle terribly... but in this community where there is no daily reminders of the abuse and maltreatment I had experienced in my hometown, there has been better odds of tackling and possibly conquering my illnesses and taking back my life.

Chronic Illness leaves some people to feel that they are alone in their illness; I was isolated when I was suffering with depression and anxiety - which lead me to being bedridden for a few years then in 2018 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I felt lost and alone in this journey until I found other women in the Fibro community. I found the Fibromyalgia Podcast hosted by Tami Stacklehouse. Her podcast is so uplifting and empowering - - - I found strength and believed in myself. I joined the Fibromyalgia community, such as taking the Fibromyalgia Advisor program through IFCI and blogging about my life with chronic illness. I have been more focused on mental health since 2021, they are so intertwined in my life's journey.

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