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Brunette Ambition

Updated: Jan 21

What is the name of the current chapter of my life? Brunette Ambition - Qveen Herby is such a great artist to listen to when you need an empowerment vibe.

I moved to my new community to begin a new approach to healing. Trying to apply self care practices daily. Learning to be patient and by myself.

Conestoga Pre-Health, Day One

I had applied for Fanshawe College's Doula program in July but I was waitlisted which was understandable because I had applied so late.

It's been a whirlwind this past month (or so). The end of July I had a dinner date with my bestie, Kate. She mentioned that I could stay at her place for a getaway or whatever... and I chose to whatever and move in with her to attend college there and get a fresh start away from my hometown. I wasn't getting the support I needed and I had to leave. I applied and was accepted within the week for Pre-Health at Conestoga College.

Kirk brought the kidlets for a visit during the long weekend, we took a road trip to a sunflower farm. It was ridiculously hot that day but at least I got some photos. I love my selfie in the pink Smart Set halter dress. Kirk got a few great shots with my Betty tattoo showing as I reach up for a sunflower.

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