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Right Daith

October 1st, I went to Danni's Body Piercing and I got my right daith pierced. I had read on social media that some other women who had fibromyalgia and migraines had found relief when they had their daith pierced. I found no scientific proof or any studies that supported this claim, but I am usually open to try something to help relief or reduce pain. I had decided that the right side would be where I get pierced because it is where most of my bad headaches and migraines occur. Funny enough, I had two occasions where I had what I would consider a mild to medium level headache since the start of October. So overall, I would believe that it is an alternative option to pain relief. Since 1996, I have wanted to get my nostril pierced but I was afraid and wasn't confident enough. When I started to realize that I can do these things for myself and not to impress others was just over a year ago. I felt confident and felt good in my own skin while wearing a faux nose cuff during our road trip through Southern Ontario in August 2020 - - I knew I wanted to get the real thing done in 2021, but with COVID restrictions still in place, no piercing under the mask for now. So it is moved to my 2022 wish list.

This past fall, I started wearing clothing that reflects who I am - I love wearing dressy outfits and wearing some docs or mary janes. Rompers & dresses are my favorite things to wear. I feel that now that I am getting myself through my healing and education, I am finding who I lost a long time ago and allowing that youthful girl another chance to become the woman she always wanted to become.

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