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Art Critique

I created this piece for a Mindfulness for Chronic Illness support group I attended in 2018-2019.

The materials used to make this piece were sharpies, rainbow inkpad, HB pencil, and liquid paper white-out. It was drawn on the first page of a poppy design sketchbook.

The woman in the figure has short, messy hair. She has no facial expressions. She has no ability to walk, she is missing her knees down. She has a single tear on her face. Her body is covered in fingerprints; possibly representing the people who touched her and hurt her. Sharpie marks are filling in the areas where the fingerprints don't touch. Like the sharpie colors are maps of pain in her body. There are smudges of color around her neck. The woman is surrounded by blotches of white-out.

A peer from the support groups noted the interpretation that the fingerprints represent the people who have touched/hurt me, this view did resonates with me. I can see the areas where certain people touched me. I believe I wanted the sharpie marks to show heighten areas of pain throughout my body and how they connect to the touches. The color choices are beautiful and sad; I see I used purple and turquoise. Purple is the color for Fibromyalgia and domestic violence awareness. Turquoise is the color for sexual assault awareness. There's a beautiful smudgy haze of color around her neck. Glowing or radiating pain from two traumatic experiences (first one in 1998 and second in 2012). I drew her without legs because I had no idea how to continue her form, so I cut her off just above her knees. I took away her ability to walk away from the dangers around her. Her facial features are missing too. I was looking for him to listen me, she has no voice; I was looking for him to look at me, she has no sight. When he's not looking she's falling apart. She just cries, surrounded in a mess, and left with the marks of inappropriate behaviors by people she once trusted and/or loved.

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