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Wishlist for 2021

In the summertime, I tried wearing a faux nose ring and I discovered a new confidence in myself. My best selfies, a better overall feeling about myself/towards myself, and loving me in this fibro body. When COVID restrictions are lifted, I want to go get my nose piercing done. I love the look and been wanting to get it done since 1996.

In January, I will be starting to have appointments with a naturopathic doctor and I will be returning to physiotherapy for my knee. I'll be making changes in my daily routine, like meal planning and starting to add supplements. I am looking forward to the different treatments, the changes, and work on healing myself.

​I hope that in the springtime, or summer, that I can travel to see my best friend, again. I want to catch-up, chat, listen, hug, and laugh with her so much.

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