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As I complete each final essay for this closing semester, I keep getting distracted by "what's next". I've heard & read a few times this past semester, on podcasts and Pinterest, that Aries are very good at starting projects but not always following through to the finish. I feel that. I am that.

I am so anxious for the spring semester that I haven't focused 100% on my final tasks in the current semester. I have two final papers to complete by Friday; same thing happened last semester, one major paper so close to the deadline to turn it in. I don't know why I get myself into this situation each semester, I probably did something similar in the OAD program too. It's unnecessary stress. I am good at writing these papers, I love to write and research the subjects. I earn good grades, I am proud of my accomplishments in IWAP thus far.

I've been listening to empowering, girl power (mode), and self-loving music this month. Here's my Aries playlist.

​The podcasts have come onto my radar this month:

Aries Today With Caitlin Keats

​You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton

Your Magic

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