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Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Today was my vaccination day. I received my first dose of the Moderna vaccine. There was no super cute billboard cutout to take selfies at so I found my spot after I exited Gate 3, and I was fully aware to be prepared with my own merch about my special event. My cute enamel pin was purchased in Esty from a Canadian seller. ​

I haven't had any side effects thus far. Slight headache but that started earlier in the day and my arm is starting to be sensitive to touch, my nurse did warn that I feel like someone punched me. I'm not too concerned about side effects, but that arm pain might be amplified by fibro. Wait. See. Rest. ​

I was very impressed with the organization and the staff running the COVID-19 vaccination center at the Gardens. My nurse was awesome. He talked me thought the script and knew that was uneasy about needles, so he was calm and support, got me distracted during the moment. I DID NOT FEEL A THING! I was able to get myself to the seating area where you get to rest, and make sure that no side effects are kicking in. I left the gardens feeling good. Excited to take that selfie to share with my friend who appreciates enamel pins, and science, and weird stuff: She's awesome. She said to my post on her wall with "you are always so effortlessly on brand! Even during a pandemic you bring the aesthetic a-game! What a Queen!" I love that woman and the support she shows. This is a Robin appreciating posting: She's super awesome and supportive to Duncan and I - - - we love you.

​I am already book for round two. I am looking forward to school in the fall. I will continue to wear the mask that will be my comfort left. I like being cautious my fibro body and my mind.

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