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Summer Break

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

​I have finished my first college program; this October will be the virtual graduation ceremony. I am so happy that I have completed that goal. I am exhausted and in so much pain. I really struggled throughout the last month of classes. I found it triggering to be containstly exposed to materials related to my ex-boyfriend. He has been dominating my thoughts and it's not pleasant to remember him or how he treated me. Or how I thought it was okay for him to be mediocre to me at best.

For graduating from the office administrative program, I bought myself a jewelry dish for my nightstand. I also ordered from Indigo, Oui Inflatable Outdoor Pool Summer Blooms and new beach towels for everyone in my family. I found the best keychain for my terrible experience learning excel.

This month, before I return to Canadore to continue the IWAP program, I am taking time to rest and recover. A few goals that I would like to keep in mind and hope to work on this month:

  • daily meditation & gentle yoga

  • daily EMT

  • daily walks

  • reclaim a good sleeping habit

  • update my blog & website

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