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Process of Change

It's been nearly a year I started blogging (simultaneously) stopped blogging; I am in the process of big changes in my life. Last summer, I decided that I wanted things to change in my life. I was very sad and miserable (depression and anxiety). I couldn't stand the thought of living where I was living, being in the shape I was in, and feeling like I was not contributing to my family. I enrolled in the office administration program at Canadore College.

I put aside my funding from school to afford first and last on a new house to rent. Mid-October, we saw a listing for a house, and we were selected as tenants on October 21st. I love my new home. We are near parks and trails, we live in a quiet area, and we have wonderful neighbours. While taking Psychology 101, I realized that I had another goal in mind for my future. I didn't feel that I would be cutout for the role as a receptionist and that I really wanted to help other women like me: women who have fibromyalgia. In March, I was accepted in Canadore College's Indigenous Wellness and Addictions Prevention fall 2020 program.

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