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Last spring after I returned from my stay in the hospital in June, I had a job interview for a blog and social media monitor and when I felt I was the top candidate I had transferred my website/blog from weebly to wix - it was the provider that the job prosect was using and I felt it would be excellent practice and use their site and my site to build my knowledge and skillset for website building.

Last week, I received much appreciated criticism about my wix website. It was something I was struggling with and I tried several ways to edit the site to have it flow easily but it never did what I would create. It became frustrating to use. I received confirmation that my website wasn't user-friendly.

Well, I never landed that job last summer and my site on wix just never had the right flow so I returned to weebly. I am happy with the progress that I've done with my vision and my message. I love that there's low key java codes and things that I have learned and appreciate the crash course from myspace in the mid-odds when if you wanted your social media page to have special features, you had to code them!

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