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My Anniversary With Fibromyalgia

Today is my two year anniversary being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. November has been hard this year, but it seems like I have had difficult Novembers every year or most years. When I was a teenager, November is when I got mono and sprained my ankle during a food drive. My dad passed away in November five years ago. And this year, maybe it's COVID fatigue, I've been having troubles sleeping, being fatigued, and having difficulties being motivated most days. Most mornings is hard to get up and get going, my legs and feet feel like they're full of pins and needles. I lay on my back and wiggle my toes, then my feet, and finally my legs to get the pain to lessen so I can get myself together for my online classes. I've had very few "good days" this month, but when I do have a good day I really appreciate the time and energy.

​On Wednesday, I had a class presentation about self-care. I was nervous to share but I realized that we had to share and my class is super supportive of each other. I was able to share my story about myself, my influences, my past issue(s), my life with Fibromyalgia, and how I am planning to self care in my daily routine. My classmates were amazing, sharing praise and really made me realize my dream is possible and I will not allow my illness define me. I'm surrounded by wonderful and brave classmates, I am so grateful this is our class, and we are growing together and pushing each other for greatness: where our paths after IWAP I am sure these people will be the greatest in their respected fields. I am proud of them and the passion they bring to helping out others. F.Y.I. we take our course online through zoom, good times!

​I promised myself a day of rest since I was home alone. I fell asleep around 3:30 a.m. My neck and back felt twisted and I just relaxed most of the day. At lunchtime, my partner came home, he made me feel happy and we spent time cuddling until he had to go back to work. I treated myself to a Cineplex rental tonight; I rented Frida, I have never seen the movie. It was so beautiful and amazingly casted, I do recommend this film.

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