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Miley at my step-sister's cottage. August 1, 2020

Today is the three year adoptaversary with my beloved Chihuahua, Miley. She belonged to our niece but couldn't give the full attention that she required anymore and our niece knew that Miley would be very happy with me.

Miley was an honest to goodness gift, especially three years ago. I was still undiagnosed and was home everyday and in pain often. Miley is the perfect little companion; she stay up all night to comfort me when I don't sleep properly, she'll cuddle me when I am unwell, and she will make me laugh when I need it most. She is always near by, right now, as I write this entry, she's at my feet resting on my backpack under my desk. I love to spoil her. I love dressing her up in cute collars or pretty dresses.

Just recently on the Fibromyalgia Podcast by Tami Stacklehouse, she did an episode dedicated to therapy animals: Service Dogs & Emotional Support Animals. I love this episode and the valuable information shared about Emotional Support Animals. Miley is that for me. I would love to research the Canadian version of ADA to make Miley an official Emotional Support Animal for me.

I am so grateful for Miley's smiley face, each and everyday. She's added joy in my life when I was struggling the most (when I was undiagnosed) and she's still a big part of my daily happiness. Without her my life was darker and sadder and I am grateful I was chosen to love her. She has given me a new brighter life.

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