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​In January this year, on facebook, I created an album called Kirk + CeCe, the first few photos were of Kirk opening an anniversary gift I couldn't wait until March for him to open. I gifted him a LOVEBOOK. I created the book during my school break last December and it was so fun to make a book about how I love Kirk.

​I recently added more lovely photos of us together in that facebook album and I started to think back that I had created a website once upon a time for about our wedding. I remember the site had something extra special, a missing piece of our history.

In 2009, I was interviewed by an intern at Offbeat Bride to be a featured story on their website. I was so thrilled that we were being featured. I adore Offbeat Bride book and website, it was so helpful and encouraging to able to connect and relate with other couples who do their own thing instead of "traditional".

​We were featured, our interview was posted in May 2009... then I don't know WHEN exactly, but I made a terrible decision to delete my flickr account and restart a new bride flickr account, and since I broke the link from the flickr to the bride tribe, my interview article was deleted. It is 100% my fault this happened. I hurt myself doing this careless thing. I am still upset about it. I believe that I had printed it and posted a copy of the work on my wedding website. As of this date, I do not have the printed copy and I have no access to the website, I typed in the address as I remember it, and I got a webpage that stated "This website is frozen". Then I remembered, that email account I deleted a few years ago, that's the email account that would have had access to that website; AND it would have had the communications for the interview with the intern at Offbeat Bride. Dang. I am grateful that I have found on Kirk's facebook timeline the times he shared our news to his friends/family.

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